Speak Out 1/4/05

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Customers are first

SOMEONE SAID customers are rude. I was always told they shouldn't be, but in retail you're always going to have rude customers. The customer is always right in that sense. They're the ones who pay your bills. They're the ones who pay your salary. They're the ones who keep you in business.

Moyers' assessment

THAT'S PRETTY funny: Gary Rust accusing Bill Moyers of lack of objectivity just because he notes that the media are owned by the rich who are highly biased toward their economic interests. Moyers is more than accurate in his assessment of the mainstream media. Rust should take a good long look in the mirror.

Coyotes are prowling

BEWARE IF you live on Marlin Drive or Country Club Drive. There are three coyotes that are very hungry and are hunting in your back yard for food. Please don't throw any food in your back yard. Watch your dogs very closely, and don't let them out by themselves.

Busy street not plowed

THIS CALL is not meant to be a complaint, just an observation. I hope on the next snowstorm, which we will have, the city will take more responsibility. Lynwood Hills Drive, which is right off Route W, services many apartment buildings which house more people than individual streets and towns do. It also services one of the largest churches in town, Lynwood Baptist Church. This street was never touched by a city crew during this snowstorm. Why would the city not have at least attempted it one time?

Middle of the road

I'M NOT complaining about the job that was done, but I think snow should be thrown to the middle of the street and not block driveways and mailboxes and fire hydrants. Let it be picked up and hauled away. I think some of these big landowners who have heavy equipment in their personal business could help on the streets and help the city. We need cooperation all the way along on this. There's no reason to open up the streets to travel if you can't get out of the driveway. A lot of these driveways are blocked for old people who can't get out and shovel their driveways.

Help on slick lot

I WOULD like to thank the men from La Croix United Methodist Church who helped get my daughter's car off the slick ice on the church parking lot. Thanks, guys.

Too many gifts

I WOULD like to make some suggestions. While sitting at the doctor's office the other day, I was listening to a mother talk to another woman about how wonderful a Christmas her children had. They had so many toys they didn't know what to do with them. She was bragging about how she hadn't spent a dime. She received seven gift baskets of toys from the Marines and all the people in the area. They were so overwhelmed and excited because now they could use the money they would have spent on the children to buy presents for themselves. This just blew my mind. There needs to be some kind of a program or arrangement so these people that are doing the donations can double-check these things.

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