Speak Out 5/5/09

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gangs in school

CAPE Girardeau is a small town with inner-city problems. I was talking to an elementary teacher who said there have been some gang-related problems. Where are the parents? These group of boys are in the second grade. They should not know anything about gangs.

Paying for trash

THIS is in response to the trash-water rate increase. I think the city needs to have a two-can system again. People with only half a can of trash and who recycle are getting a bad deal. People who have two cans of trash need to pay the price. It all seems fair to me.

Coffee buddies

COLUMNIST Michael Jensen recently claimed that the coffee shops where he hangs out are of the collective opinion that the rascals ought to be thrown out of office in Washington. With President Obama's approval rating in the stratosphere and Congress' approval rating rising like a shooting star, it can only be concluded that Mr. Jensen hangs out in coffee shops populated by foaming-at-the-mouth far-right extremists.

Higher city rates

I don't appreciate what the city is wanting to do, and I guess the city doesn't care about its residents who can barely afford their water, sewer and trash bill. Some of us pay between $35 and $40 a month now. If it goes to $50, some of us won't be able to pay it. If we get shut off, what are we supposed to do?

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