Suspect in Cape, Jackson burglaries arrested in Illinois

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A man wanted for a Jackson burglary and suspected in a string of burglaries in Cape Girardeau and Jackson was arrested in his Illinois hometown and is apparently fighting extradition back to Missouri.

Mark P. Lowery, who is listed with a Robinson, Ill., address in court papers charging him with a single count of burglary and another felony count of stealing, was arrested after Missouri police alerted law enforcement in Crawford County, Ill., that he may be headed that way.

Lowery, 46, was arrested by deputies of the Crawford County Sheriff's Department, said correctional officer Jeremy Langley, and was in the county jail Monday evening. To be released, someone would have to post the $25,000 cash bond set for Lowery in Missouri, he said.

In a sworn statement filed with the charges against Lowery, Jackson police Lt. Rodney Barnes reported jewelry stolen during an April 10 burglary in Jackson was traced to pawnshops in Robinson. Crawford County is a county of about 20,000 people in east-central Illinois.

Detectives from Cape Girardeau who contacted the Crawford County Sheriff's Department were told Lowery is fighting extradition to Missouri, Cape Girardeau police chief Carl Kinnison said.

Lowery is a suspect in, but has not been charged with, about 60 burglaries in Cape Girardeau that targeted homes in quiet residential neighborhoods.

Lowery was identified after a Jackson homeowner caught the burglar in the act and chased him to a nearby bank parking lot. A composite sketch, a bank video and friends of Lowery tipping police that he was trying to raise money to leave town because of his exposure in the burglary case led to the charges being filed last week.

"He is obviously a suspect in our burglaries," Kinnison said after telling Cape Girardeau City Council members of the arrest.

Cape Girardeau police have searched a residence known to have been used by Lowery and have some evidence that is being processed at the state Crime Lab.

"I assure you we are following up very aggressively," Kinnison said.

Jackson police could not be reached for comment.


Pertinent Addresses:

Country Club Place, Jackson, Mo.

Robinson, Ill.

Crawford County, Ill.

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