Speak Out 5/3/09

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What recession?

LOOK at all the pro sports in America today, and look at the salaries these guys are paid to play sports. Normal workers are losing their jobs and trying to support a family on what they're making for a living. In the NFL draft, the No. 1 pick is guaranteed $41 million. Looking at sports in general, the headlines should be "What recession?" It's surely not affecting many.

No man's island

IT'S my understanding that the stimulus money is supposed to start giving people work today. I don't see how purchasing an island in the Mississippi River that can't even be finished until they get money can possibly help the economy today. The island is under water every so often. I say that project should be eliminated until there's plenty of money to be spent, not use the extra money the city and state are being given by buying an island in the Mississippi River.

Ending Cold War

THIS is for the person who thinks the Cold War ended due to a relationship between Reagan and Gorbachev. The Cold War ended because the United States, England and the Vatican teamed up to put pressure on Gorbachev, and Russia collapsed. The Cold War ended because Russia lost the Cold War. It was not a negotiated settlement by any means. Reagan stood up in front of the world and said, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall." That doesn't sound anything like a friendly relationship.

Using city workers

I just read that the city is going to save $500,000 by using city workers instead of contractors to replace or install some water lines. If there's a $500,000 savings by using city workers, why was the work ever contracted out to begin with?

Money argument

MISSOURI agencies can't agree how to spend the half of the stimulus money that they have to have a plan for submitted by May 12. It's time for elected officials to work with the governor before we lose this money to another state. That's what's wrong with this country. Everyone wants to argue.

Helping students

I read again in the paper where the Cape Girardeau School District is going to try to do what it can to stop or prevent some of the children who leave school when they turn 16 but do not graduate. The problem is that the district's idea of education is to work with students who excel and not enough for students with special-needs children. Those are the children who drop out of school, not the high achievers.

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