Let legislators know you oppose socialism

Saturday, May 2, 2009

In an earlier column I complimented President Obama on his speaking ability. That still holds true. But I mentioned having certain apprehensions. Those are now showing up.

The president seems to be trying to turn the U.S. into a socialistic nation. His plans for our financial system are heading toward government control. He has already started action on health care toward government control. He has surrounded himself with like-minded advisers, all in favor of government controls. Now he is looking at insurance companies.

President Obama goes to Europe hat in hand, apologizing for the U.S. as sometimes being arrogant. At no time did he mention to the Europeans that without the U.S. in World War I and World War II and our millions of deaths Europe would now be under a totalitarian government. That means government controls everything under a dictator. The common citizens would have no real rights. Europe is now basically under socialism. Everyone looks to the government from cradle to grave.

The U.S. grew as the greatest nation on Earth by the strength of individual enterprise. He who works gets the results and benefits. And the nation grew because of millions of hard-working individuals. Our people have never felt the necessity of government guaranteeing our welfare from cradle to grave.

The president went to Europe and the U.N. asking for help against al-Qaida terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He asked for U.N. help for the underprivileged in Africa. They ignored his requests.

The Europeans are the key to the U.N. So far it's all take and no give, as proved in both world wars. We need the president to explain the facts of life to them. They couldn't stand up to Hitler. Do you think they could stand up to Russia?

Our representatives in Washington must stop these moves toward socialism. Welfare isn't free. You give up your rights to set and work toward your goals. We can only hope and pray that our Congress can and will stand up and stop the slide toward socialism.

The president states we are not a Christian-based nation. We were founded that way. We are now diversified with many faiths. We welcomed all faiths. Time will tell if that was a good move.

Socialists like George Soros and moveon.org bought Obama's election with 10 times the money John McCain had under the public financing of his campaign, which meant that, by taking public funds, he was limited on how much he could spend.

Only we, the people, can let our members of Congress know if we disagree with the way we are heading. The only way they will know your feelings is if you tell them. It will take Americanism, not Republicans or Democrats, to stop this drive toward a socialist state.

Remember the words printed on our money: In God We Trust.

Cliff Rudesill is a retired Cape Girardeau businessman.

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