Speak Out 5/2/09

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Green event

MULTIPLE kudos to Mississippi River Radio and its stations for organizing the 2009 Get Green Event. This is a fantastic and timely idea as Cape Girardeau goes green. It's time for Cape Girardeau to acknowledge that protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint are the wave of the future. Let's hope this festival continues for years to come.

Thanks for help

I would like to send a special thank you to the woman who left money at the checkout counter to help with the cost of shoes for my daughter. The cashier had explained that a shopper thought my daughter was precious and wanted to recognize it. My daughter was amazed that someone would do such a thing just for her. It taught her a wonderful lesson about kindness and touched both of our hearts. She has proudly told everyone she knows about her experience and has been on the lookout for ways to do special things for others. God bless you and thank you.

Business support

I would like to thank local businesses for showing up in Arena Park. It was a nice touch to Earth Week. I hope we can make this even bigger next year.

Wonderful event

I went to the Relay for Life on April 25 at Arena Park for the first time and really enjoyed myself. My mother passed away from cancer, and I am a cancer survivor at 25 years old. It was such a wonderful time with wonderful volunteers. I enjoyed myself and can't wait until next year to jump in head first and raise some money. Thank you again for this wonderful time.

Apologies are good

FRANKLY, I'm glad someone finally apologized for America. All we do is throw our weight around and make decisions based on profit. There's a reason many countries hate us.

Delivery tips

I would like to share some facts about delivery driving. Delivery drivers often make less than minimum wage and thus are assumed to be adequately tipped. Delivery drivers often use their own money for gas, so they require more money than waiters to break even. Ten percent is a poor tip, considered the bare minimum. I and other drivers rarely get a consistent 10 percent, not by a long shot. Stiffs are more likely. Please, tip your drivers.

Dumbing down

THE Southeast Missourian on April 21 reported the following: "The district formalized the use of academic watch summaries in January to monitor performance data and how academic interventions are used. Assistant superintendent Pat Fanger said the recent scores revealed an interesting trend relating to reading scores, which showed more students testing at the same level in earlier grades. At the kindergarten level, 95 percent of students scored on or above grade level, Fanger said. By fourth grade, the number dropped to 72 percent of students." They come in smart and get dumber as they attend more classes.

Time to disband?

COLUMNIST Cal Thomas raised an interesting question. In effect, he wondered what would be the need to have a two-party system if one party is nothing but a replica of the other. I agree with Thomas and respectfully but firmly ask that the Republican Party immediately disband.

College morals

MY daughter came home the other day with news that her professor at Southeast Missouri State University discussed the benefits of legalizing marijuana. Where are the morals anymore? Can we not trust the leaders of education anymore? If I could homeschool my daughter's college career, I would.

Prayer rituals

MY son attends Central High School. We have very strong Christian beliefs and practice Christianity in every way possible. My son says other religions are practicing their prayer rituals in the public restrooms at the school. Whatever happened to separation of the church and school? If he cannot profess his love for God without being ridiculed, they shouldn't be able to either.

Hidden motives

WHEN Missouri House Republicans pass a proposed constitutional amendment because of their alleged desire to protect the rights of working men and women, one knows without further inquiry that this is a collective example of a Big Brother-speak, insidious, bold-faced lie.

Blaming unions

CYNICAL Speak Out comments saying union workers who worked their tails off for decades are to blame for the decline of the auto industry because they earned health care and pension plans make me sick. People who say that have probably engaged in no more physical labor than lifting and sifting through their (declining) stock portfolios.

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