Police get leads in identifying remains found in New Mexico

Saturday, May 2, 2009

DEXTER, Mo. -- The search to identify a body found in New Mexico holding three Stoddard County Fair ribbons has been narrowed, at least on the Dexter front, to three individuals.

Lt. Det. Trevor Pulley said in a Wednesday that the department has received numerous contacts in regard to the case and has been following up on all leads.

"We've had several people call in regard to the composite drawing [the newspaper] put out," Pulley said. "We're following up on everything."

He said in many cases their leads have been from people saying the person in the composite looks like someone they know.

"Once we get a lead the first thing we do is try to determine whether the person is alive or dead," he said, adding that they then try to locate either where they live or where they are buried.

Dexter police have recently sent some information to the New Mexico authorities regarding one potential lead.

Pulley also noted that another department has sent a DNA sample from a family member tied to the same individual.

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