Speak Out 1/2/05

Sunday, January 2, 2005

Trooper helps stranger

I WANT to thank the off-duty state trooper who witnessed the accident I was in on Christmas Day. He was kind enough to wait with me, speak with the officer who came to the accident and even follow me home to make sure I made it safely in my damaged vehicle. Thanks for taking time out on Christmas to help a stranger.

Using costly services

I TAKE issue with the comment about Gary Rust's column on Medicaid. Many Medicaid patients are too lazy or don't care to go to the doctor's office and wait like paying patients do. They want to go to the emergency room, which costs much more than going to the doctor's office. There should be a little common sense mixed into this, and they should try to save money instead of seeing how much they can spend or don't care how much they spend. That's where we get into trouble.

Still shoveling

A FORMER police officer, Dan Niswonger, has more love and caring for people than anyone I know. In his wheelchair he shoveled two elderly women's driveways.

Future of knowledge

WHO WILL possess knowledge in the future? With inflation skyrocketing and academic standards being raised, fewer and fewer people will have the opportunity to acquire a university education. We live in the information age. Information is no necessarily knowledge. Perhaps those with knowledge will try to control those without knowledge. Perhaps those with knowledge will use it in an ill-willed way. This is very dangerous. Look around, listen and be warned.

Thanks for delivery

I'VE ALREADY thanked my Missourian carrier, but I want all the Missourian carriers to know that we subscribers really appreciate their efforts and their hard work in getting the daily paper to us through this bad weather. It's a shame that anyone would complain about the paper being late when carriers have to get out in terrible weather and on dangerous roads. A great big thank you to all the carriers for what you do for all of us subscribers.

Time for big change

EVERY TIME I pick up the newspaper or watch a segment on TV or listen to the school board minutes, it is plain to me that we have to have a complete new slate of people on this school board with the new superintendent or it will never work. This is not about school board members and their personal agendas. This is about educating our students and giving everything in our resources to our teachers.

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