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Sunday, January 2, 2005

Winter is a perfect time to spruce up your wardrobe

From staff reports

Winter is here, and it's time to consider updating your wardrobe so you won't miss out on the hottest trends. Here's a look at the top fashion finds for women and men this winter.

For women

1. A fitted jacket

This piece could easily become the staple of every working woman's wardrobe. Look for textured tweeds, corduroy or leather in rich earth tones. Clean tailored notched lapels or cardigan styles are best.

2. A pencil skirt

You know you've found a perfect fit when the skirt follows the curves of the body and sits a little low on the waist. But don't wear the skirt any higher than at the knee or two inches below.

3. Pants

The styles range from classic loose trousers to skinny or cropped pans. Waistlines and hems will vary. Shorter-legged women should avoid wide paints and select straight-cut styles instead. Women with large hips or waists should stick to long, vertical lines in full-length trousers.

4. A broach

They're everywhere -- and they can be added to nearly any jacket, sweater or coat. Jeweled, vintage looks are a must.

5. A cardigan

The cardigan is an alternative to the jacket. Consider adding a new cardigan in a bright color to beat the winter blues. And, of course, pin on a broach.

6. The feminine blouse

Think of the '70s with ladylike bow ties. Pair these with masculine fabrics like tweeds or plaids.

7. Tweed

Black and white or earth tones are classics, but look for new, bolder colors. Add a fur collar or leather for a new look.

8. Plaid

Don't wear it from head to toe; choose one piece only.

9. A round-toe pump

The latest styles are retro inspired with rounder toes instead of pointy ones and T-straps. Boots also are vintage look with art deco accents.

10. A belted coat

These coats come finished with fur collars or embroidery. Allow for a good coat in your budget, as it will be more costly than other pieces.

For men

Men have slightly fewer fashion accessories to worry about than women, but their best bets for the season are only five items. Here's what every fashionable guy needs to look like he's stepped from the pages of GQ magazine:

1. A suit

The look is polished, refined and tailored. Look for stripes and flat-front trousers instead of pleats.

2. A wool blazer

Dress it up or down. You can wear it to work or with jeans and a bold striped shirt for an evening out.

3. Outerwear

Choose a classic style so it will last for multiple seasons. Top coats in wool and leather bombers are styles that tend to stick around.

4. Geometric sweaters

Argyle is in. And geometric shapes add color to plain sweaters.

5. Purple

It makes a statement. Try it as a tie or a subtle stripe in a shirt.

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