World briefs 1/2/05

Sunday, January 2, 2005

Al-Qaida releases video of Iraqi police shooting

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Al-Qaida's arm in Iraq released a video Saturday showing its militants lining up five captured Iraqi security officers and executing them in the street, the latest move in a campaign to intimidate Iraqis and target those who collaborate with U.S.-led forces. Also Saturday, a U.S. soldier belonging to the Task Force Baghdad was killed and another was wounded in a roadside explosion north of the capital, the military said, giving no other details. Insurgents have carried out a string of attacks focusing on Iraqi armed forces in recent weeks, aiming to wreck security ahead of the elections.

Families identify victims of Argentine nightclub fire

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- Anguished families struggled Saturday to identify the bodies of relatives killed in a Buenos Aires nightclub fire that left at least 186 people dead, many after being trapped inside by locked emergency exits. The club's owner, Omar Chaban, was being held by authorities pending an investigation into Thursday's inferno. Investigators said they believed one of Argentina's worst disasters began when somebody set off a flare during the concert, igniting the foam ceiling of the Cromagnon Republic club while it was crowded with about 4,000 mostly teenage patrons.

Palestinian leader wants to protect militants

GAZA CITY, Gaza -- Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said in an interview Saturday that he wants to protect militants from Israel. It was his latest campaign gesture to court gunmen seen by many Palestinians as resistance heroes and by Israel as terrorists. Abbas defended a series of recent public appearances with gunmen and indicated he has no such plans, saying the Palestinian leadership has a responsibility to protect its people. Also Saturday, Israeli aircraft fired a missile at group of militants in Khan Younis in southern Gaza Strip. There was no immediate word on casualties or other details.

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