Letter to the Editor

Misleading info on report

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Recently there has been a conservative whine about the Missouri Department of Public Safety's report titled "The Modern Militia Movement." I have just read the eight-page report online.

The title is accurate. It provides a brief -- and fair -- overview of the militia movement and some of the concerns this movement presents to public safety and law enforcement.

I wonder who in our state government has read this report. Some high officials in the Republican Party are falsely saying that the report claims that those that support conservative third-party candidates or those that have anti-abortion bumper stickers are to be considered dangerous. These politicians are acting like you will be pulled over simply for being Christian.

Does anybody really think that a state trooper will pull over someone with a Christian fish on his car? The report states that someone with an extremist anti-government sticker along with a sticker of some ridiculous flag may also have an extreme anti-abortion sticker as well.

But if you're Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, why not spend time misleading citizens? What else is he going to do? Provide health-care solutions for us? Provide jobs for our unemployed?

Those Republican officials are sensationalizing this matter simply because they can. Your rights and freedoms are safe. Gov. Jay Nixon is not doing anything to take them away. Republicans are being dishonest with you. Don't let them get away with it.

JOHN HELLER, Columbia, Mo.