Letter to the Editor

Facts are useful in ongoing debate over global warming

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In response to the many redundant, errant letters from Alan Journet, the following facts will be useful to your readers in making a wholly informed opinion on the subject of global warming.

Our planet has warmed and cooled in countless cycles over the last four billion years, often at rates faster and more extreme than those recorded since the "explosion" of greenhouse gases.

The research of a significant number of renowned climate scientists strongly suggests that our human contribution is of much less significance than Mr. Journet and his ilk would have you believe.

Consider this: Mars and Earth are experiencing essentially identical cycles of global warming. Where are the industrial greenhouse gases on Mars?

There is no scientific consensus regarding the global warming debate. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has become so political in its stances that many relevant and highly regarded climate scientists have disavowed that organization, denouncing it inaccurate doomsday predictions.

Even Roger Revelle (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Harvard University, University of San Diego), who was Al Gore's mentor at Harvard, has publicly refuted Gore's simplistic, incredulous conclusions regarding global warming.

Mr. Journet's opinions are misguided and naive. In truth, much of the dogma of the IPCC and "environmentalists" has been scientifically refuted and exposed as scientifically inaccurate.

A call to political action based on discredited theories will lead to misguided legislation that could irreparably harm this country and permanently disrupt our way of life.

Dr. RANDALL L. STAHLY, Neurological Consultants of Cape Girardeau