Pride of Cape Girardeau

Friday, April 24, 2009
Cape Girardeau Fire Department circa 1909

By: Mike Ramsey

Pictured are members of the Cape Girardeau Fire Department. Barney Kraft (center of the picture standing) had been appointed Chief during the re-organization of the Department on May 5, 1909. First Assistant Chief was Charles Hahn and the Second Assistant Chief was Leon Albert.

The dapple gray team of horses was purchased in St. Louis for $400.00 by Aldermen Alex Vasterling and Joe Wilson,hence their names Joe and Alex. They were trained by Leland Albert and were first hitched to the wagon on May 25, 1909. They responded to their first call on June 7, 1909.

The Wagner Special Hose Wagon, Chemical Engine and Hook and Ladder was purchased from Fred Wagner and Son of St. Louis for $1,100, and arrived by boat on December 12, 1908. It had a chemical reservoir, ladders, hooks, rope, 300 feet of hose and all other appropriate and necessary paraphernalia.

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