Arbyrd, Mo., resident says sewer issues have caused human waste to overflow into home for nearly 10 years, officials want to resolve ongoing issue

Friday, April 24, 2009 ~ Updated 3:15 PM

ARBYRD, Mo. -- The sewer issue at 322 Frisco, Arbyrd, Mo., has been ongoing for nine years. In these nine years, the resident has said that sewer has come up through all faucets and water pipes into the home a total of 22 times.

The home was built in 2000, following the owners taking all steps required to build a new home, according to the resident.

"At the time, we paid our sewer and water connection fees, were shown blueprints of the existing sewer lines, and told to call the city when we had our lines installed out to the city connection site," the resident said. "They would hook us up to city sewers since we are inside city limits and that is mandatory."

After completing their portion of the sewer, the city was contacted to connect the home to the sewer line, but there was not an existing line.

This contradicted what the blueprints, submitted to the State for grants, had shown.

The city installed a sewer line for the home, but after three months, the resident returned home to find human waste pouring from the toilet, sink, and bathtub, and running down the hall into the den and living room area, according to the resident.

"This has happened approximately 22 times in the last nine years," the resident said. "The city has still not fixed the problem that not only looks horrible but driving by in the hot summertime, you cannot stand the smell."

The resident offers one other option to the city, to pay back the $165,000, that has been put into the property and land.

"I will then leave the town that I have lived in and loved for 25 years," the resident noted. "Otherwise, all I want, and have wanted for nine years, is a working sewer system like all the other residents of the city of Arbyrd."

The resident said that the city has not been charged for destroyed carpet or tile and that they have continued to pay the water and sewer bill every month.

The resident's main concern is receiving a working sewer system without incurring additional costs to the home.

"I did not cause the problem," the resident added.

Mayor Lonnie Gibson, Jr., said that the city of Arbyrd has made all of the effort to fix the problem and initiated all progress with the sewer system.

"I just don't see how someone could have sewer coming into their home 22 times and not make a board meeting or made some effort," Gibson noted. "I just don't see how she could sit back with this going on."

The water and sewer department found grease in the sewer line that had caused some damage, according to Gibson.

The correct way to fix the problem will cost the city of Arbyrd from $6,000 to $10,000, Gibson added. The city has never spent this type of money on any additional individual resident in the city, Gibson noted.

"There is a problem, I don't know if it falls on the resident, the city, the sewer company, or board members in charge at the time," Gibson noted.

"If the problem is revealed to be the city of Arbyrd's fault, then the city will pay the large sum of money to correct the issue."

The city of Arbyrd is currently working to find a solution to the issues at the residence, according to Gibson.

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