Speak Out 4/24/09

Friday, April 24, 2009

OSHA rules

UNTIL people stand up and say enough is enough, OSHA will keep persecuting people who are trying to make a living by giving them ridiculous fines for silly rules that make absolutely no sense. There is no way you could obey all the rules, and they come up with new ones all the time. This is just more rights taken away from us. Big Brother will destroy this country.

Government waste

AFTER reading about U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson's objection to spending $411,000 for a census office in Cape Girardeau, I applaud her position and agree it's another example of government waste. She said all the right words. Now let's follow up and see what happens.

Investigation needed

I'M calling in reference to the Census Bureau renting the property on South Silver Springs Road at $411,000 for 16 months. There should be an investigation. Heads should roll at the GSA.

Census spending

I agree with U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson about the leasing of the building for use by the Census Bureau. That's why the government is in the shape it is now. Nobody thinks about saving, only spending. There's no reason why the sale of the old federal building couldn't have been delayed.

Highway approach

WHILE the Missouri Department of Transportation rebuilds unsafe highways all over the state, in Bollinger County MoDOT comes up with a much more cost-efficient method. It designates unpaved zones as "drive safe areas," and if you're caught with any infraction your fine is doubled.

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