Letter to the Editor

Government must curb spending

Friday, April 24, 2009

Our national debt is $11,198,890,625,871.21. The debt grew roughly $4 trillion under President Bush, but half of that occurred in the two years Democrats controlled Congress and the checkbook. President Obama will add another $1.75 trillion in 2009. Both parties share the blame for reckless spending, and both attempt to justify it with talking points.

All taxpaying Americans own this debt. Our children and grandchildren will pay for the irresponsibility of our government, private business and individuals. We'll pay for the government's decision to bail out automakers that made unwanted vehicles and exhibited reckless business practices. We'll subsidize the government's nationalization policies as they decide which private businesses should survive. We'll pay for ineptitude of private businesses that should have lived or died based on consumer needs and the market. We'll pay for individuals who bought more than they could afford or failed to read their mortgage contracts.

It's time to rein in spending and make tough decisions on government expenditures. It's time for government to mimic fiscally responsible families by tightening their belts, ridding their budget of unnecessary expenditures and living within its means.

We can't pay for this debt and the president's proposed budget by taxing the poorest Americans' habits. We can't place more of the tax burden on the demonized rich who already carry the brunt. We can't ask the Chinese to act as our personal banker. Government has to live within its means.

As I finish this letter, our debt has grown to $11,199,040,908,522.74.