Letter to the Editor

Thanks for help with tea party

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A thank you is due those who participated in our Restore Our Nation tea party in Cape Girardeau on April 15. A special thank you is extended to Lt. Tracy Lemonds and the officers of the Cape Girardeau Police Department who were present. The other members of the Restore Our Nation committee and the many volunteers who helped us set up and clean up at the park have my most heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all they did to make this demonstration a success. It was a peaceful, nonviolent, nonmilitant rally that would have made our Founding Fathers proud.

Our committee will remain as whatever catalyst we can be for citizens to channel their efforts toward a more constitutional government. I believe our elected officials and news media still don't get it. So the battle for our country as we have known it is just beginning, between those who would, however blindly, destroy it and those who are determined to preserve her for future generations. Anything less than victory is unacceptable to Americans who love and with unbridled determination believe in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. To that end, I pledge my efforts. May God bless and save America.

TOM YOUNG, Cape Girardeau