Jackson man charged with raping, assaulting ex-girlfriend

Friday, April 17, 2009

A 31-year-old Jackson man faces felony charges for allegedly raping, assaulting and sodomizing a woman while he held her against her will in her mobile home.

Daniel S. Reid was charged Thursday with forcible rape, forcible sodomy, felonious restraint and first-degree assault. Cape Girardeau County Associate Circuit Judge Gary A. Kamp set bond for Reid at $100,000 cash only, on the condition that he avoid all contact with the victim. On April 14, Reid attempted to strangle the woman, punched her in the face and used a cigarette to cause numerous burns to her face, hands and body, according to a probable-cause statement by detective Debi Oliver of the Cape Girardeau Police Department.

He then took away the victim's keys and cell phone, keeping her captive in his trailer for more than 24 hours, the statement said.

While they were alone in the mobile home, Reid allegedly raped and sodomized the victim. She had previously changed her phone number and moved to get away from an abusive relationship with Reid, the statement said.

She had given him permission to come to her residence because he'd said he wanted to talk to her, and he threatened her when she told him she would not rekindle their relationship, the statement said.

She said she feared Reid would hurt her child if she left the residence. She did call her father at one point to come bring her daughter home, attempting to send him a covert message that she was being held against her will.

Reid told her that if she told her father anything, he would kill her and her daughter, according to the sworn statement.

When her father arrived with her daughter, Reid began burning the victim and held her down on the bed until she stopped fighting, according to the statement.

The morning of April 15, the victim found her car keys stuffed down the side of a chair, alongside a pair of pliers. She grabbed her daughter and ran for her car, thinking Reid planned to use the pliers to hurt her further, the statement said.

He knocked her down and began beating her until a neighbor came running up to help her, the statement said.

When police arrived, they saw Reid attempting to disable the victim's car battery and later recovered her cell phone in Reid's pocket.

"This is stuff we see in really severe domestics -- it's all about power and control," Oliver said.

Oliver said in these types of situations, it's often difficult to get family members and even some law enforcement officers to realize just how much the victim can fear their abuser.



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