FanSpeak 12/26/04

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Role model?

WHAT A great role model we have for a quarterback at Southeast Missouri State University. I just read he was issued a summons for indecent exposure. Now what kind of example is he setting for the young kids who look up to him?

Good job, Indians

CONGRATULATIONS TO the Jackson Indians wrestling team for winning its second straight -- and ninth overall -- Tiger Classic. Way to go, Indians.

Winning is everything

NO MATTER what some people might think about Southeast basketball coach Gary Garner, the bottom line in all college athletics is to win, and that is something he has not been able to do in the last three years. He makes a crazy salary compared to other coaches at Southeast and is producing nothing. He cares only for himself, which is obvious by the way he loses his staff every year. It's time we hire someone for half the money and let Southeast reap the benefits. Does Tom Schuberth ring a bell?

Good work, coach Garner

I WATCHED the basketball game on Dec. 18 with Southeast playing against Southern Illinois University. Having watched, coached and played basketball for my entire life, it is my opinion that coach Gary Garner and the team did an outstanding job. The coaching was masterful, and the players executed the game plan very well. I know it's the popular thing to be critical of coaches from time to time, but I also feel it important to say "congratulations" to the coaches and players for an outstanding coaching job and overall team effort. Keep up the good work.

Scheduling snafu

What a horrible scheduling mistake it was for the Southeast Missouri State men's basketball team to face Southern Illinois on Dec. 18, when the Southeast students were a nonfactor with the 4,600 in attendance. The students had completed their final exams and were already on break. So much for creating a good college atmosphere for a game that turned out to be very exciting. The SIU fans made much more noise than the Southeast fans. A game that used to draw a near-capacity crowd to the Show Me Center only drew 4,600 this year. If the SIU game was played earlier in the year, perhaps a larger crowd with more students would have attended.

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