Simply Jesus - written by, Laura Strand

Tuesday evening at First Pentecost Church, "THE TURNING POINT", in Cape Girardeau, Mo. There youth department presented a drama called, Simply Jesus. The drama was written by Laura Strand. Justin Teauge,was director of music. There were lots of great songs in this drama also.

The story was placed in Bible times and the setting was from the time Jesus was a baby, to his teens and finely to His death and resurrection. There we're three young men who played Jesus. First was Dakota Strand, as a boy in the temple. Second was Travis Strand and third was Rocky Strand.

Although the team was small in number there presentation was outstanding. One of my favorites was the desiples on the boat and Jesus was a sleep. As the storm grew they thought sure they would be lost. Just then Jesus steps to the bow of the boat and with his arm outstretched spoke three words to that storm, "Peace be still"! Instantly the storm ended.

Shellia Faire, the pastors wife was another high light. As the lady with the costly ointment came to wash Jesus feet. She sang the song "Alabaster Box". Tears were running down faces as this song told that story.

Then the scene of the Cross. As Christ "Rocky Strand", hung on the cross behind a white curtain the silhouette of His body shown through. You could see the crown of thrones on His head and the outline of the cross. It did the job very well.

After Christ had rose form the grave the actors came in from the back of the church with Jesus leading the way. Once on the platform all rejoice that Christ had risen just like he had told them he would.

Having been in a production of a large play in Houston Tx., with a cast of over three hundred, I know the work that goes into putting this kinda of drama on. First Pentecost Church youth. You all did a great job.