Speak Out 12/26/04

Sunday, December 26, 2004

No Christmas cheer

I ONLY hope that the individual who shot out our truck window and damaged the other 19 vehicles last Friday are truly blessed this holiday season. Our family will be receiving less of a Christmas due to someone's idea of fun in the tune of $300, which is the cost of replacing the window. Bah, humbug, to you.

Out of order

"HOW MEDICAID works" is based on a false premise. It doesn't.

Downtown spending

AFTER YOU see the murals once -- twice if you're a real art lover -- and you've looked at the bridge more than once, there better be something more to do downtown. The purpose of a downtown is to bring people to spend their money. They need to have things well worth spending their money on downtown.

Better to be seen

ALL OF this complaining about law requiring our headlights to be on during diminished visibility conditions seems misguided. If you were the only vehicle on the road, it would be no one else's business. We must make laws to protect the rest of us from ignorant drivers. I've heard it a thousand times, "If you can't see, you need glasses, not your lights on." These people need to realize that the eye lets in the light, and what you perceive takes place in the brain. Depending on your frame of mind and visibility conditions, it is possible to look straight at an object and not immediately see it. Who but a fool would not want to make their vehicle as visible as possible during diminished visibility?

Buying power

WHAT HAPPENED to Christmas? Now everybody has a holiday burger, a holiday shake, a holiday sale. What would happen if all Christians only bought things that were Christmas sales, Christmas specials and Christmas shakes? Think about the power in that.

Degrading views

I AM glad Scott Rupp introduced legislation against porn in cars. I know if I'm on a family trip, I don't want to look over and see somebody's filthy stuff. I don't even like seeing R- or X-rated advertisements as I travel down the road. If I'm on a family vacation, I don't want to see a stripper sign in northern Missouri on the way to Kansas City. This seems to take away from my enjoyment of our family vacation. It's a shame that the world just can't be a beautiful place. There are those who would degrade it.

Interstate trash

I'M DRIVING south on I-55 between Center Junction and the Diversion Channel bridge. The trash in the median and both sides of the road is deplorable. I can't imagine the Missouri Department of Transportation or any of these adopt-a-highway groups letting this get this bad. It's worse than I've ever seen.

Thanks, AmerenUE

I WOULD like to thank AmerenUE for its quick and efficient response to our store's call over a gas smell Monday evening. Within minutes, a fairly large leak was located underground, traced to the source and shut off. These men truly are professionals and save many lives. This could have been disastrous, especially at this time of year.

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