Letter to the Editor

Christmas isn't just about profits

Sunday, December 26, 2004

To the editor:

People don't seem to notice much that Jesus and his parents have disappeared from public display this season. Nobody has the courage to display a creche at a business or in federal buildings for fear that legal thugs will challenge them in court. So everyone is content with their politically correct pagan symbols -- just so long as the dollars roll in. Headlines crowed, "Last month's leading economic indicators were higher than expected."

Imagine the headlines next month: "The leading economic indicators for the month of December dropped dramatically due to winter blizzards that blanketed most of the United States. Retailers mourned the loss of profits, and the Salvation Army lost millions in kettle donations as shoppers stayed home. Thousands of children awoke on Christmas to find that Santa was unable to come. The price of gas and oil skyrocketed due to unexpected demands for home heating. The manufacture of goods slowed, and thousands are facing layoffs fueling fears of a recession. The value of the dollar dropped around the world. The stock market lost 300 points."

Where is Jesus when you need him? You will find him in your local Christian churches.

Happy birthday, Jesus, and thank you for all of the blessings you have given us: family, friends, health, employment, warm home, clothes, car and all of the comforts I enjoy. I hope you have a happy day, Jesus.