Speak Out 4/12/09

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Exceptional column

THANK you, Southeast Missourian, for having a Religion page each Saturday. Rob Hurtgen's column "Let joy be the foundation of your life" was exceptional.

Be nice

DO yourself and everyone you meet today a favor: Smile. Your smile can turn someone's bad day around. Compliment a stranger. Try to do this at least once a day. It not only makes the other person feel great, it will also make you feel good. Try to go a whole day without complaining or putting someone down. Being angry and negative toward others is not going to change any situation for the better. Being nice never hurt anyone.

Wonderful play

I went to the Notre Dame Regional High School musical "Anything Goes" over the weekend, and it was wonderful The vocals were beyond compare, and the stage set was incredible. The cruise ship took up almost the entire stage. I heard the set was built by the students with no parental help. They must have been working on it since Christmas break. Also, the student who played the part of the mobster stole the show with his lines. Well done.

Killer obesity

EVERYWHERE I look there's obesity. We have become a nation of overweight bodies. We spend tons of money on fake nails, fake hair color, good clothes, new shoes. Why don't we spend money on our health, on our bodies? We don't look good with all the fake stuff if we're overweight. Our health costs have skyrocketed. Diabetes has skyrocketed. Obesity-related illnesses have skyrocketed. When are we going to wake up and be responsible for what we're putting in our mouths? It is really a shame. Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins, and it is killing us.

That smell

I must take issue with the comment that the tea party movement across the nation has the smell of Republicans all over it. The tea parties reach across all party lines, even disappointed Obama voters. These are people fed up with President Obama's tax-and-spend policies and the bailouts. I am an independent, but I'd rather smell Republican than have the stench of socialism.

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