A big thank you

Friday, December 24, 2004

It is traditional to make charitable gifts near the end of the year, especially in the weeks leading up to Christmas and before the Dec. 31 deadline for tax purposes.

There is something about the spirit of the religious overtones of the season. And maybe the tax man spurs some of the generous giving.

At the root of all the donations, however, is that human element -- the emotion of the heart -- that guides most people to give and to give generously.

So many organizations strive to make Christmas merry for so many people.

The Southeast Missourian is especially thankful for the hundreds of kind and generous readers who once again have remembered those who benefit from the Toybox and Christmas for the Elderly programs.

But there are so many other fine efforts to provide holiday cheer. Other organizations strive to reach those in need year-round.

On behalf of all those who have benefited from the community's generosity:

Thank you.

And a blessed and merry Christmas to all.

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