Speak Out 4/11/09

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Homeless shelter

I read that Larry Rice was trying to obtain the federal building on Broadway. I sure hope he does. He does good work. I've stayed at a homeless shelter in St. Louis. We need a homeless shelter in Cape Girardeau.

Tellers in danger

WHENEVER the amounts that were taken during bank robberies are published, you are putting the lives of bank tellers in danger. Criminals will see those numbers and think it's worth the risk to rob a bank to get that amount of money.

Getting money back

MEDICAID is a socialist program. Social Security and Medicare have been paid for all of people's lives, and it's not socialism to get something back that you paid in. But people who haven't paid anything shouldn't be getting money from Social Security. The description of socialism fits Medicaid, not Medicare.

Paying for security

REGARDING the article about Social Security being clogged with disability claims: Depression and anxiety are not reasons that you can't work. No wonder Social Security is on its way out. Social Security is not a gift; it's something that you pay into.

Senior apartments

I suggest that the new owner of the Marquette Tower consider assisted-living apartments for senior citizens. With an elevator, the safety of the hotel would be suitable for a senior citizen.

No demand

AS a result of NAFTA, the global industrial output of goods has found equilibrium with demand. Machinery and computers do the work of many employees. So now we have high global unemployment and the demand for goods satisfied. These workers cannot get a job because there is no demand.

Outstanding photo

KIT Doyle's photo of Ray Woldvet competing in the pole vault was just outstanding. Thanks, Kit. You did a great job.

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