Speak Out 4/6/09

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ugly buildings

FOR many months now, anyone who drives down Broadway in Cape Girardeau has seen the tacky writing on the windows of the former cosmetology school. Now we add to that the former sporting goods building with even more awful-looking writing all over it. Is it too much to expect Southeast Missouri State University, the owner of these buildings, to clean these messes up so the area looks less abandoned and ugly?

Enemy combatants

I am opposed to releasing the enemy combatants from Guantanamo Bay into U.S. communities and then pay their benefits with U.S. taxpayer dollars for supposed rehab. These terrorists will gravitate to al-Qaida sleeper cells that we've already been told are present in the U.S. So by releasing these individuals into the U.S, we will provide trained fighters for al-Qaida locally and partially fund their activities. When their attacks begin, our government will have enabled some of these attacks on the U.S. Does anyone see a problem here?

Raze buildings

AREN'T people responsible for their property, like the ruins of the old two theaters on Broadway? What an eyesore. Clean up Broadway. Tear down hazardous buildings. Give jobs to people who need them. Put people to work. We can't all be boss or CEO. There are jobs out there if you want to work, but money from the government is easier to come by, it seems.

Cruise missiles

IT was announced that Russia will build six new submarines with cruise missiles. Now our president is going to meet with the Russians to talk about nuclear arms reduction. I can imagine that we will buy into this because the Russians will tell us we were going to build eight but in good faith will now only build six. And cruise missiles -- where did that technology come from? Surely not.

Drug testing

I think drug testing for welfare recipients is a fantastic idea. Maybe the proceeds would be more fairly distributed.

Blame and credit

EUROPEAN leaders are blaming the United States for this economic mess, and President Obama basically agreed with them and said, "Yep, we're at fault." Why don't we blame who got us in this mess about eight years ago when they hit our financial center in New York City? What about blaming them? If we're going to pass around blame, fine. But also give us credit. Who does everyone come to with their hand out every time there's a crisis or a catastrophe?

Dig in your heels

BE aware, President Obama's cap and trade energy plan will drastically raise our utility bills. It's time to dig in our heels and let our representatives know and the White House staff know our feelings.

Just deserts

AS usual, Mike Jensen wrote a world-class column about the pros and cons of cutting off welfare for those who flunk drug tests. I support the idea. I think they would be getting what they deserve if corporate fat cats getting taxpayer welfare got cut off because of flunking drug tests.

Placing blame

DAVID Limbaugh is suffering great frustration because the American people aren't outraged. They are. Eighty percent blame the banks and big international conglomerates for all of our financial woes. Seventy percent blame the Bush administration. Limbaugh needs to realize that the people blame his political allies.

High ratings

THOUGH you would never know it from reading the knee-jerk anti-Obama outpourings on the Southeast Missourian's Opinion page, the president's current approval rating is an astronomical 67 percent. Keep up the good work, Mr. President.

Tea party

IN response to the story "'Tea party' protesters to gather at Capaha Park on April 15": Sorry. This tea party will not do much of anything. I do call for a real tea party in Washington, D.C. This would do more to help our problem with runaway government.

Critical donations

MY husband and I both work full time. We also find the time to donate whole blood and platelets on a regular basis. There is always a great need for these lifesaving donations, and recently the need for platelets has been at critical levels. Platelets are used by cancer patients as well as those with other medical conditions. It takes a mere two-plus hours to donate and is not much more uncomfortable than giving blood. With so many people unemployed and many more living off taxpayer dollars with more than enough time on their hands, there should never be a shortage of these valuable resources. Try doing something selfless and give back. Who knows, you may be the next one needing donated blood or platelets. Please contact your Red Cross donation center and schedule your appointment.

Babies in church

I agree a crying baby in church is disturbing. I believe the mother or grandmother should have taken the little one to the nursery. Most churches have one. The congregation could have listened to what they were there for. The parent would have had an hour of quiet time and received a blessing. Most time the children in the nursery are taught or play with other children and would not have been unhappy. I don't believe babies should be in an adult congregation until they can understand some of why they are there. I don't believe it will be too late to teach them at the same time they are taught to behave in school.

Approval rating

INTERNET political statistics guru Nate Silver has projected that if the Democrats are to keep from losing seats in Congress, the president's approval rating will have to be at 65 percent by next year's congressional elections. It is currently at 67 percent. Still, some Democrats might be worried that President Obama will not be able to maintain his currently sky-high level of popularity. However, I can offer some reassurance. According to the algorithm I have developed, the president's popularity at the time of next year's congressional elections will stand at a difficult-to-top 100 percent.

Business world

RETIRED businessman Cliff Rudesill recently wrote in part that he "missed the action of the business world." Why in the world would an honest man like Rudesill miss a world now permeated with corruption and fraud? Today's climate would likely cause Rudesill to go crazy trying to keep his colleagues in line and out of the slammer.

Vending legalities

IT has come to my attention that the vending machines at Central High School have a sign up that says "Use at your own risk." What school officials might not know is that is illegal. If someone purchases something and a machine breaks and the customer does not get the item, the school (and any other business) cannot keep the money. They legally have to give you a refund.

Pet responsibility

IF you and your family decide to buy a pet dog, please be ready to take care of the dog and everything that involves taking care of a pet dog. Far too often the joy of owning a pet dog turns sour, and the new owners decide to let the new pet loose out in the countryside.

Party cleanup

HERE'S an idea after reading about the litter in Capaha Park: The participants in the tea party on April 15 could pick up the trash left by those who have no sense of responsibility. Bring your rubber gloves and trash bags to the park along with your tea bags, and make two statements, one against burgeoning taxation and another chastising the lazy.

Being defenseless

I believe anyone hitting a defenseless baby needs to be put in prison to see what it feels like to be defenseless.

Late for appointment

I was never so disgusted and aggravated in my life as I was this morning. My husband had a doctor's appointment at 10:30 a.m. We usually cut through Burfordville and Gordonville, and there was no sign telling us the highway was closed as you got close to Gordonville. We had to turn around, go back to Burfordville and take Highway 34 through Jackson. We were late getting to our doctor's appointment. There should have been sign saying the highway was blocked going to Gordonville.

Balance the budget

WE got into this economic mess by spending too much money. People buying houses and the government spent too much money. Now the government thinks it will solve this situation by spending about four times as much as it's been spending. That's not the change we need. The change we need is to balance the budget.

Playing in street

I agree that children should not play on the streets. Streets are for cars. What will happen if these parents have to move and the habit of street playing is still there?

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