Speak Out 12/21/04

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Let them decide

SENATE PRESIDENT Pro Tem Peter Kinder of Cape Girardeau's sales-tax holiday bill was just fine. What the new senator, Jason Crowell, wants is too dictatorial. Let cities and counties decide whether they want to participate.

Left the building

I HAVE to agree with the caller who commented about the poor customer service in retail establishments. It has become increasingly more frequent that when you arrive at the checkout, the clerk does not greet you but simply grabs your purchases, rings them up, takes your money, gives you a receipt and change and never even says thank you. This is a reflection of the times in which we now live. Civility has gone the way of Elvis and left the building.

Outside investigation

ACCORDING TO the prosecuting attorney, a person can get up to life in prison for hitting a police officer. What if a police officer hits a suspect first? The only ones who investigate are other police. We need people outside of law enforcement to investigate when there is an alleged assault on an officer.

Spend the money

THE GOVERNMENT says it's not its fault that armored vehicles can't be made quicker for the troops in Iraq. But companies that produce this equipment say they are able to increase production. The government needs to come clean and tell the truth. It needs to spend the money and protect the troops. That's the bottom line.

Focus on academics

AS THE editorial in the Southeast Missourian suggests, Don Dickerson was instrumental in securing Southeast Missouri State University's share of state funding. However, money is not synonymous with academic quality. During Dickerson's tenure, SEMO has lost ground to both Truman State University and Southwest Missouri State University. While the SEMO regents focused on Division I athletics, the River Campus and assorted construction projects, these schools focused on academic quality and are now reaping the benefits.

Paying for drugs

TAXPAYERS MIGHT as well subsidize vitamins and minerals for Medicare and Medicaid patients, as suggested by a Speak Out caller. After all, taxpayers are already paying for prescription drugs that will kill you.

Ode to face on mural

THE FOLLOWING was inspired by a Speak Out suggestion.

Tourist Attraction

Someone suggested the mayor's face

Should be on the mural in downtown Cape.

People would come from near and far.

Their mouths would be agape.

Great Chaffee band

I WANT to say thanks to Alan McFerron for the wonderful job he has done with the Chaffee band. And I want to tell all the students who performed at the concert Wednesday night what a great performance they put on. I enjoyed it very much.

A complex job

I TOO am a cashier. I constantly have customers complaining about what things should be on sale. The store I work for does not have scanners, so the cashiers have to memorize a new ad every week. For all of those who think we are just cashiers who don't know anything, I honestly believe you should try working in retail for one day. I doubt you would last.

Take care of elderly

I WANT to take the time to ask that everyone in the community do all they can for the elderly, be it a family member, a friend or simply an individual you see at the store. Offer your hand to help them. Talk to them. And take care of them. One day we all will be older, and if we don't teach our children by example to care for and love the elderly community, then who will take care of us?

Better quality of life

I'M TIRED of hearing about the possible side effects of prescription drugs. Now it's Celebrex that is under fire. I have taken Celebrex, and it is every bit the wonder drug it has been touted to be. It is a question of quality of life. Celebrex and other drugs help us enjoy our lives while coping with our ailments at an affordable price. The bottom line is that whenever you put chemicals in your body, even aspirin, there will be always be a risk. Action creates reaction.

Problem is supervisors

ON THE topic of customer relations: Many a time it is the supervisors and the managers who have bad attitudes. In my case it is the managers and the supervisors with the attitudes toward their employees. And what can be done about that? I have had confrontations, but they haven't helped. I feel that my only alternative is to quit. Although I like my job and most of the people that I work with, I feel the need to part ways and get out of all of the drama and back-stabbing.

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