Letter to the Editor

When the pros arrive

Friday, April 3, 2009

Early this year my wife slipped and broke her wrist. I called 911, and while my sense of time was off due to stress, it seemed as though I hung up the phone and three firefighters walked through the door.

It was immediately obvious that the pros had arrived and everything was going to be OK. They used ice packs, concern and a professional sense of humor to care for us until the ambulance arrived.

With my wife off to the hospital, they rode off in Big Red without a "Hi-yo, Silver." Like that masked man, I never knew their names and was unable to thank them.

Since the accident we've received bills from people we've never heard of, but these men didn't even ask for a slap on the back. They just got back in Big Red and went off to take care of other people.

In an age in which civil servants are often neither, the Cape Girardeau Fire Department's personnel are the pros. These men and women are what firefighters are all about and are a credit to the department, their training and their own high level of professionalism.

When things fall apart, pick up the phone and dial 911. Help will be on its way in seconds, the door will open and the pros will have arrived. Whatever is going on, they'll know just what to do. Pros always know just what to do. After all, they're firefighters. That's who they are.

DAVE FARIS, Cape Girardeau