Seasonal shopping at Westfield in Cape

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

25 new holiday merchants

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The holiday season is a growing season for Westfield Shoppingtown West Park in Cape Girardeau. Shoppers can see a plethora of seasonal shops sprouting up all over the shopping center grounds, peddling a variety of wares. This year there are 25 new shops and vendors in the mall strictly for the holiday season.

There's the Glass Gallery (glass sculpted figures), Airbrush (wearable artwork), Hickory Farms (holiday meat, cheese and candy gifts), Challenger (remote-controlled cars), Top Country (embroidered sweat shirts), Rail Cars (miniature cars on rail tracks), Day by Day (calendars and day planners) and Poker Cart (chips, dice, playing cards and gaming felts).

Also, Arctic Outdoors (hunting fleece, western artwork), Airborne (remote-controlled flying saucers), Wilson's Leather (coats, jackets and handbags), Motion Pictures (framed artwork with movement and sound), Tupperware (traditional favs with new concepts), Interactive Games (video gaming), Avon (health and beauty products) and Go the Game Store (traditional and unique board games).

There is also Gifts Galore (fashion jewelry and handbags), BeautiControl (health and beauty products), 4-Kids Company (Christian music and CDs), Pichincha Entertainment (flutes, flute music CDs, bracelets and dream catchers), All That's Natural (health and beauty items made from salts and minerals from the Dead Sea), Aromatherapy (stress relief via natural herbs), Fast and Furious (remote-controlled cars), Wood Specialty (hand-carved items and 3-D crystal sculptures) and Nancy's Kettlecorn (traditional and flavored varieties).

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