Bankruptcies for December 2004

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Bankruptcies filed through Dec. 10 for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeastern Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.


Buechner, Yvonne L.11934
Conway, Debra J.11898
Kirkpatrick, William A.L. and Jennifer D.11877
Montgomery, Clyde F. and Cherie L.11983


Ashcraft, Audrey R. 11864
Ayers, Marshall E. and Regina F.11865
Blackwell, Carla D. 11931
Brady, George E. and Annabelle E. 11995
DeCourley, David L. and Linda F. 11932
Drysdale, Lois E. 11977
Ethridge, Jearlin G. 11997
LaRue, Treva L. 12000
Newton, William L. and Alma L. 12001
Pearson, Steven B. 12019
Richie, Mary E. 11976
Ritter, Marvin A. and Mary S. 11868
Robinson, Dana L. 11949
Sanderson, Tom P. and Karen C. 11974
Smith, Terry W. and Kathy 12004
Spell, Ronald L. 11978
Taylor, Joshua W. and Hilary H. 11936
Tyler, David W. and Sallie L. 11902
Varnador, Mary E. 12006
White, John A. and Wilma J. 11935
Williamson, Michael D. 11951


Amelunke, Janet L.11970
Baldwin, Michael and Lynetta 11979
Batchelor, Jonathan M. and Angie L. 11880
Baughn, James M. and Eva M. 11886
Brockmire, Chad A. 11953
Brown, Phillip E. and Saundra L. 11941
Butler, Beth 11906
Caldwell, Aleeia and Howard O.A. 11957
Colbert, William H. 11882
Davis, Richard A. 11984
Dickerson, Brandi A. 11918
Edmonds, Robert B. and Sherry L. 11884
Friese, Claude R. and Martha K. 11972
Gilwater, Lana L. 11940
Hale, John R. and Sharon K. 12010
Henry, Christa 11923
Hopple, Julie M. 12008
Hutchings, Nancy J. 11942
Jenkins, Donna M. 11994
Johnson, Richard D. and Irene 11967
Ledure, Amy J. 11958
Mack, Katie G. 11973
Mainor, Roger A. and Nadine S. 11968
Masengill, Charles M. and Terry L. 11961
Rivenburgh, Donald L. and Cathy L. 11922
Rouggly, Dennis L. and Pamela K. 11954
Rutherford, Carol A. 12018
Steuerwald, Sally M. 11971
Turner, Jason A. and Alyssa B. 11990
Webb, Patricia S. 11905


Crowley, Bobbie L.11996
Eudaley, Laura J.11952
Psalmonds, Bobby R. and Linda F.11873
Robertson, Tanya R.12003


Smith, Kimberly J.11895
Collins, Jacqueline11888
Copeland, Steven E. and Mary J.11965
Dye, Jeffrey S.11903
Jones, Jerry J.11913
Lawless, Cloys D. and Marilyn S.11889
McGowan, Lora F.11890
Morris, Florence E.11891
Ozbun, Eugene E.11988
Pearson, Steven B.12017
Pentelton, Hercene11893
Puckett, Edward L. and Thelda J.11894
Sanders, William M. and LaWanda L.11946
Tice, James E.11896
VanBuskirk, Donald A. and Jocelyn Y.11910


Clubb, Denny E. and Lisa J.11964
Govreau, Leah A. 12016
Parsons, David E. 11921
Schillinger, Deanna K. 12011
Uhl, Clifford W. 12014
Wright, Leonard R. 12012


Brooks, Timothy L. and Julie A.11878
Harris, Billy D. and Beth A. 11937
Layton, John D. and Wanda K. 11943
Self, Debra K. and Rodger C. 11899
Stewart, Cary W. 11947
Walton, Peggy J. 11915


Adams, Donald W.11992
Bristow, Brant W. and Jennifer M. 11900
Odien, Jeanette L. 11909
Perkins, Jeff D. and Winnona 11901
Webb, Steven C. 11876


Armbruster, Ervin L. and Laura J.11924
Buchheit, Kevin R. 11960
Kennedy, Bobby G. and Barbara A. 11959
Martin, Johnnie E. 11955
Meraz, Michael A. and Barbara J. 11920
Schultz, Debra K. 11969
Szabelski, Nathan J. and Carrie R. 11907
Turnbough, Heather L. 11956
Weekley, Brian A. and Tera L. 11881
Gallion, EvalenaRipley11998


Below, James J. and Mary D.11987
Clark, Deric D. 11897
Crane, Hank H. and Tammy L. 11938
Flippo, Clifford R. 11985
Jackson, James E. and Lori A. 11883
Johnson, Jeffrey C. and Christi L. 11966
Looney, Barbara A. 11944
McCain, Kathleen J. 11887
Meador, Verna L. and Shelby G. 11927
Moore, Stanley A. and Kathy L. 11962
Morgan, Jerry E. and Lois A. 11930
Moyers, Benjamin M. and Kelly L. 11926
Nichols, Carisa N. 11948
Presley, Charlotte G. 11945
Roach, Jason F. 11874
Robison, Patricia K. 11925
Sauceda, Dennis J. and Kimberly E. J. 11908
Smith, John F. 11879
Wessling, James L. and Michelle L. 11919
Wilson, Beverly A. 11885


Bowling, Timothy A. and Kimila S. 11928
Carrier, Penni R. 11916
Chamberlian, Dana L. 11917
Clarkston, Howard L. and Shirley A. 11993
Collins, Donald D. and Pamela S. 11975
Farmer, Phyllis A. 11939
Green, Paul E. and Angela D. 11929
Horton, Allan G. and Tracy L. 11950
Lamb, Daniel R. 11863
Mason, Mildred A. 11980
Massey, Jason L. 11914
McClellan, Dale L. 11986
Miller, Jeffrey T. and Sonja A. 11872
Montgomery, Daniel K. and Carmen S. 11989
Morris, Albert L. 11991
Rowland, Jerrod M. 11981
Taylor, Stacy L. and Jennifer L. 11912
Whittenberg, Alma J. 11963
Wray, Jason W. and Tosha L. 11982


Burlbaugh, Randy W.12013
Tanner, Roger D. and Nancy I.12005
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