Speak Out 4/2/09

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not included

IT would be a good bet to conclude that the person complaining about President Obama's tax cut for 95 percent of the American people was not among the 95 percent.

Roaming dogs

IF you have dogs, confine them. Besides causing problems in the roads, dogs running loose are also a nuisance to your neighbors. If you really cared about your animal, you wouldn't let it roam like that.

Fish experiment

IT is springtime, so it's time for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to have two floods for the pallid sturgeon fish. It's called a "controlled flood." However, when they bring the river to flood stage and we get rain, it floods thousands of acres and water gets into people's homes. Let us at least get our levees back up and get a few years of income from our farm fields. I don't feel the Corps of Engineers has the right to jeopardize people's livelihood for a fish experiment.

Clean up graffiti

PEOPLE of Cape Girardeau: Have you seen all the graffiti? Let's clean up our town up. Have the city prisoners clean it off. Come on, Cape Girardeau. You are better than the graffiti vandals.

Signs of improvement

ONLY about 30 percent of American consumers are expressing confidence in the way the economy is going. But that's quadruple what it was in July 2008. Keep battling, President Obama. You're bringing us back.

No city raises

WHY should we pay higher taxes so that city employees can get raises in tough economic times? The rest of us are making personal sacrifices to get by. If the mayor and city council push these raises through, they should plan on this being their last term. I will do my part to ensure that my family, friends and co-workers vote them all out in the next election.

Sharing the blame

THE Wall Street Journal's Daniel Henninger must have inadvertently left out the Republican Party when he wrote that House Democrats voted to punish recipients of AIG corporate bonus payments. So did half the Republicans. Henninger also inexplicably assumes AIG is a private concern though the American public now owns 80 percent of it.

Legislative dullards

THANKS to Mark Baker for his blistering attack on the Republican-controlled Missouri legislature. Sadly, I'm not surprised that legislators are accepting federal stimulus money for bricks-and-mortar improvements but rejecting it out of hand for the purpose of directly helping human beings. There are no printable words available to express my absolute disgust with these legislative dullards.

Union benefits

I believe John Goldberg's column on the Employee Free Choice Act was way off. The act would give workers the right to get union representation faster and would take away the decision to have an election from the employers and give it to the employees. This will give workers the freedom to bargain for fair wages, job security, secure pensions and better health care.

Religious stand

SOME U.S. Catholics are protesting and signing petitions to prevent President Obama from speaking at Notre Dame University's graduation. Anti-abortion and anti-stem-cell research mark their concerns. What would Jesus do? He'd use his time to feed the poor and care for the sick. It's time for Catholics to be Jesus and stop campaigning for the Republican Party.

No common sense

IF you're in a car, you're going to be distracted from time to time, but there is needless distraction. And texting would probably be No. 1. That is why it is being outlawed. If common sense prevailed, government wouldn't have to make a law against texting while driving. It's hard enough eating a bag of M&Ms in the car. I can't imagine texting while driving.

The animals know

I enjoyed Joe Sullivan's column about the squirrels and the deer. The animals know, it seems, that the law is on their side. Anything he puts in his columns is such a relief and pleasure to read. I really enjoy his column.

No lights

I drove on U.S. 61 between Cape Girardeau and Jackson following a truck pulling a trailer. The trailer lights weren't working. The driver of the truck switched lanes a couple of times. In the lane next to us was a sheriff's car. Nothing was done. Are we enforcing the law selectively?

Proper compacting

REGARDING chip and seal: The county needs to see about getting a private contractor that's got the equipment to compact these roads if they're going to use chip and seal.

Park trash

FOR the first time in several years I walked around the Capaha Park lagoon today. I am ashamed at the amount of garbage. There were diapers and tons of bread wrappers and water bottles in the lake. If I had a visitors, I would not take them to Capaha Park. Perhaps someone who has been ticketed for littering could clean up the park as community service.

Local performers

TUNES at Twilight used to be a showcase for local and regional music and talent of all kinds. These are performers who have friends, fans and families who live and spend their money right here: Jerry Ford, Liesl Schoenberger, Saxy Jazz and John D. Hale and many others. Why does Old Town Cape think unknown performers singing unknown songs are what the people of this region really want?

County roads

THE Missourian has had three stories about paving county roads. Thirty years ago my father-in-law went from house to house on County Road 436 and collected signatures from everyone. Nothing was done. Three years ago my husband went to the property owners, and all signed but two families. Part of County Road 436 was blacktopped. One of the families that didn't sign was asked which part of the road should be blacktopped first. I find it odd that someone who gave more ground was not asked. I am tired of being told one thing after another. Commissioner Paul Koeper knows what he is doing. Why not work with him and get something done?

Appeals limit

THEY say it costs more to give a death sentence than to keep murderers in prison. That's the case as long as the justice system keeps giving convicted murderers 10 to 20 years for appeals. Convicted murderers should only be given five years at the most for appeals. And prison life shouldn't be so good so those who get out don't care to go back in.

Not in the street

THIS is to all people who love their precious children: Do not let them play unsupervised in apartment parking lots or cul-de-sacs or streets. Those areas are for cars. They are not playgrounds. It is not other people's responsibility to watch out for your children's welfare. It is yours. I don't think most drivers would hurt a child on purpose. If children need to run and exercise, Cape Girardeau has numerous parks and trails where they can explore wildlife and fish. Take them yourselves. There are also lawn areas at most apartments and homes. Most homes have large backyards. Why are these children put at risk by being allowed to play on, in or near the streets?

Talking adults

CRYING babies are disruptive to the congregation who is there to hear the sermon. However, there is one thing more disruptive than crying babies, and that is the talking adults. Last weekend there was a young couple talking behind me the entire hour, and when the congregation would sing they would talk that much louder. I couldn't get over the lack of respect these two had. And people wonder what is wrong with kids these days.

Twain was wrong

I really enjoyed the well written column by Paul Nenninger about the importance of public school boards. It made me reject out of hand Mark Twain's cynical maxim that, "In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards."

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