Letter to the Editor

Tax protest slated in St. Louis

People from around the St. Louis area will hold a Tax Day Tea Party at 6:30 p.m. April 15. The St. Louis event will be in Kiener Plaza in downtown St. Louis.

We are gathering as part of a nationwide effort to protest against the members of Congress and a White House who continue to steal money from our children's future to pay for a bloated government that is out of control, irresponsible and corrupt.

The U.S. government has borrowed over $3 trillion from you and me since September and has taken responsibility for another $8 trillion in private debt.

Now, President Obama wants to encourage more of the bad behavior that caused this crisis with a $75 billion bailout for homeowners, $900 million for rebuilding Gaza and helping the Hamas terrorists and 8,570 earmarks for pet projects at a cost of another $8 billion. Add to that $6 billion for the GIVE AmeriCorps bill (can you say indoctrination school?) and another $624 billion for a sure-to-fail health care system. And the Obama administration will use our tax dollars to help Guantanamo terrorists acclimate to U.S. society after their release onto American soil.

We believe that in this current crisis, government is not the solution to the problem. Government is the problem.

I invite you to join us in Kiener Plaza on April 15 to tell the president and Congress to get out of our wallets and start exhibiting the same fiscal responsibility they hypocritically expect of us.