Letter to the Editor

Emerson advocates socialism

Monday, March 30, 2009

There is plenty of blame to go around as the national deficit balloons to a record $1.7 trillion. I want to focus on some recent poor decisions made in Congress, particularly those of the Missouri 8th Congressional District's representative, Jo Ann Emerson.

In October 2008, Representative Emerson voted for the $800 billion TARP legislation, which has done little to combat the subprime mortgage crisis.

In February, Emerson voted for an added $94 million in earmarks to the $410 billion Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009.

Last week, Emerson voted to punish the recipients of bonuses made possible by the TARP bill, which were contractually guaranteed by their employer, AIG. This legislation is unconstitutional because it is retroactive law and declares a group of people guilty without benefit of a trial.

The residents of the 8th District share an unspoken value system that rewards honesty and hard-working individualism. Emerson does not represent the core values of her constituency. Her voting record reveals her to be an advocate of socialism and a contributor to the size and scope of government resulting in the erosion of liberty.