Speak Out 3/29/09

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Advisory role

I'M beginning to question the function of the Cape Girardeau County Road and Bridge Advisory Committee. Unlike elected officials who are accountable to the voters, the committee members do not have that accountability. Here is one experience. Chip-and-seal paving started out as a form of expensive dust control. Then it was to be used as a lower-cost alternative to asphalt. At first appearance chip and seal looks good, but the true test is over time. County Commissioner Paul Koeper wants more time to see how the product will hold up, which isn't an unreasonable request. He is an engineer by profession and has done his share of road building. While he was running for office he said he wasn't sold on the product. The committee should respect his decision and stop pushing for additional chip-and-seal paving. Wait a few years and then revisit the issue. Another area the committee has muddled into is the budget process. One member believed there was a stash of county money that was being held back for paving. That wasn't the case. I think each member of the committee should ask himself what the function of the road and bridge advisory committee is and operate within that function. The committee exists only as long as the county commission allows it.

Tea parties too late

IT is nice to see the growing concern for the future of the nation. We had our opportunity to make a difference last November. Voters won't get another chance until 2012. Politicians couldn't care less what we think. They are safe and sound until campaign time. That is how a republic works. Unless President Obama starts to run his administration based on polls, we're out of luck. Batten down the hatches, folks. It is going to be a long four years. If the economy turns around while Obama is in office, the Republican Party will be dead. Talk about a Catch-22.

Failed experiment

I'M surprised at the selfishness. The middle school concept has been proven to be an abject failure. It should not be perpetuated in order to provide jobs for people. Students must come first. Cape Girardeau Middle School must be consigned to the junk heap of well-intentioned but disastrous educational experiments.

School jobs

REGARDING realigning grade levels: Few jobs would be lost, because the district would still have the same number of students to provide for, just at different buildings. Most of those jobs would be realigned right along with the students. Even if a few jobs are lost, they would probably be administrative in nature, and our district is administration-heavy already and could stand to lose a few jobs at that level. The district should do what is best for the students and not worry about job security for a few individuals.

Global perspective

ANYONE opposed to the financial rescue plan and arguing that companies should be allowed to go under doesn't recognize the new world order of globalism and international interconnectedness. As reviled as it is, a concern like AIG simply cannot be allowed to fail. What is needed is to rescue these behemoths and then reregulate the disastrous deregulated economy so that things like this won't happen again, at least to this degree. The Obama administration will get the job done.

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