Speak Out 12/18/04

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Thanks for the help

I WANT to thank all the people who helped my son-in-law, Jim Trickey, and daughter, Brandy. They put in a handicapped-accessible shower and ramp for Jim. Thanks also to the neighbor who put up the Christmas decorations. God bless all of them.

Misleading media

I'D LIKE to respond to the caller who praised the soldier who questioned Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Although the information was not in the original story, it has since come to light that the soldier was being used by Edward Lee Pitts, a reporter embedded in the soldier's unit. When informed that only soldiers would be able to speak to Rumsfeld, Pitts created the question and coached the soldier on how to ask it. He then arranged a guarantee from the one of the organizers of Rumsfeld's appearance that his soldier would be called on to ask his question. I cannot question the courage of the soldier, as he is making selfless sacrifices for the sake of our country. However, it is unconscionable for the media to use our brave fighting men and women to advance their own agendas and then mislead the public into believing that the soldier was expressing his own concerns.

Risking lives for free

THE GORDONVILLE firefighters should be praised for the work they do. They risk their life for free. Instead of thinking we should pay them, we should see if others who risk their lives will take a pay cut.

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