Everybody's a critic: 'Ocean's Twelve'

Friday, December 17, 2004

Two stars (out of four)

"Ocean's Twelve" is the sequel of the movie "Ocean's Eleven," but if, like me, you haven't seen the first one, don't see "Twelve." This movie picks up the story of "Eleven" three years later with little information on the previous events.

The same cast returns, with the addition of Catherine Zeta-Jones as the detective trying to catch them. They must pull a series of heists to repay a debt to the person they stole from in "Ocean's Eleven."

Since the plot of "Eleven" is extremely important to understand the plot of "Twelve," I was usually completely lost. Though "Twelve" does have its moments, such as when Julia Roberts gets to poke fun at herself (you'll have to see it to find out). Overall it is a lackluster effort. Wait for this one on DVD.

-- Drew Lincoln, student

Two stars (out of four)

Andy Garcia's Benedict is back to reclaim the money, plus interest, stolen by the 11 in the first movie. All 11 have since gone their own ways, most having used up their cut of the money. In an attempt to pay Benedict, Ocean and his crew decide to go international with their heists, antics, and in-jokes, including an unexpected and altogether silly twist.

There's something inherently plastic about the phrase, "sequel" to a remake of a classic, used to describe this movie. If star power were measurable in weight, this film would weigh a kiloton. But check your brain at the door.

-- Jon Thrower, graduate student

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