Speak Out 3/26/09

Thursday, March 26, 2009

No Jackson stimulus

I think it is despicable that the Missouri Department of Transportation has designated $5.3 million of the state's $525 million stimulus package for Cape Girardeau and not a penny for the badly needed traffic light on Highway 25 at Jackson's South Elementary School entrance. This is a hazardous situation for parents and children trying to get to school as well as regular traffic on Highway 25.

Barrier concern

THE Missouri Department of Transportation has done some stupid things in the past, but the steel-post-and-cable barrier on southbound I-55 is the worst. I recently had an alternator belt break, and my car stopped with no warning. What does MoDOT expect drivers to do when this happens?

Judging Obama

WE cannot bury our heads in the sand and allow President Obama to be in office four years before we make a judgment. Even two years might be too long. He wants to throw money at education. That's one place that doesn't need money. We need to call our legislators and tell them that. Education will be fine. Of course, school lobbyists want more all the time. Superintendents always have their hands out for a bigger piece of the pie. Americans don't want higher taxes. We can't have it both ways. So Obama has some tough choices to make. He's in the big-boy seat. Let's see if he can drive the bus. If he can't, then in four years we're going to need to get someone else who's capable.

Nice cable guy

THANKS to a very special man. My husband and I were shopping in Cape Girardeau on Tuesday. Our car wouldn't start, and my husband was checking under the hood when a friendly young man in a Jeep came over to help us. We didn't have battery cables. He went into the store where we were shopping and purchased a cable set. He gave us a jump start and made sure the car was OK. We tried to pay for the battery cables and for helping us, but he wouldn't take anything. He said he works at Plaza Tire in Piedmont, Mo. It's good to know there are caring people in this busy world. God bless you.

Dangerous barrier

I hated to read about the accident on Interstate 55 in which the barrier cable caused the vehicle to overturn, sending the driver and three passengers to the hospital. This was an accident waiting to happen. It would not have happened before the cable. Why was the cable put up so close to the edge of the highway? You can't swerve to miss something without injuries and tearing up your car. How long is the Missouri Department of Transportation going to watch people get injured and not remove those cables?

Babies in church

THIS call pertains to people bringing babies into church. I'm all for children coming to church and teaching them at a young age. But our church has a nursery. This Sunday we had three small babies crying during the service. It's disturbing. I would like to teach these young parents or have someone to tell them that the nursery is for children like that.

Funny column

I really enjoy the column by Bob and Callie Clark Miller. It's so good. This week, he made me just laugh up a storm. He's so funny.

Crowd at fire scene

I live in Scott City. On March 22 there was a fire in the 500 block of East Olive Street. There were two police cars, two firetrucks, a rescue unit and an ambulance there. They didn't need extra people, but there were 100-plus cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles that went up that street and around the block. There were children on bicycles and adults on foot. All thought they had to walk up there. Don't these people realize they were hampering the people trying to put out the fire?

Iraqi safety

I am concerned with us pulling out of Iraq because the attacks are becoming more prevalent. I would like to see the Iraqi women protected. How sad that a society doesn't allow music. I think that's sad that their government is that limited. We owe it to the Iraqi people after going in and doing what we did to their country to at least make sure they're safe and can rule themselves.

Don't punish parents

PARENTS shouldn't be punished if their children drop out of school. All my children were high school graduates only because our family placed an importance on education. At least get through high school if you do nothing else. I think military service is a viable option for high school dropouts. It's obvious some parents have failed, but you can't hold them accountable. No one ever means to be a failure as a parent. You just are sometimes. If school principals and superintendents are committed, you're going to have children in school until graduation.

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