Speak Out 12/17/04

Friday, December 17, 2004

Diet supplements

I RECOMMEND the surgeon general study nutritional habits of U.S. citizens. Sugar's not a problem. One teaspoon of sugar only contains 15 calories. A half-pint serving of whole milk, with 4 percent fat, is less than 20 calories. Fat, be it from animal or vegetable, is necessary for brain and muscle development. I think Medicare and Medicaid should pay for vitamin and mineral supplements, which are one addition to a diet that would greatly improve the health of U.S. citizens.

Special shopping

I JUST visited the new Teen Challenge Thrift Store on Clark Street and what a great experience. It's big, organized and immaculately clean. Christmas music was playing, and shoppers were hunting for bargains. It was a wonderful time. I noticed a treasure trove of clean, individually bagged toys. No one's child should go without toys this Christmas. They were priced for just pennies on the dollar, and they had some of the cutest little clothes you've ever seen for next to nothing. I just wanted to say thank you to Teen Challenge for this great shopping experience.

Early doctors

I'M READING the Speak Out about how everyone waits in doctors' offices. This is not true for every place. My wife and I went to St. Louis. I had an appointment with a bone doctor and got there early and went to the waiting room. The receptionist asked if she could help. I said I had an appointment and we were about 45 minutes early. In a very short time, I was seeing the doctor. We were about all the way back to Cape Girardeau before my appointment time came. So all doctors don't run behind.

Lax consequences

I'M A resident of Perryville and just read your editorial about the Perryville drug victims. Recently there was a couple who had a full-blown marijuana operation in their home. They had children in this environment. Their bond was reduced to pocket change, and the two adults were released on probation. And you wonder why there's a drug problem in Perryville. It's the judicial system.

Disrespectful greed

WE ALL understand an occasional wait in the doctor's office due to emergencies. This is a minor inconvenience. But there are physicians in this town who deliberately overbook due to greed. That is disrespectful.

Sidewalk repairs

FIX THE walks at Main Street and Broadway and Main and Themis streets. Please fix these before somebody breaks a leg.

Use those car seats

WHILE EVERYONE is scurrying about here and there, please take time and keep those babies in their car seats, even if you have to borrow one. And don't forget those toddlers. Let's all take time to buckle up so we can have holidays to remember, not regret. Merry Christmas.

Cash: the perfect gift

I'M A senior citizen and I understand the dilemma of family and friends who wonder what to get Mom or Grandma for Christmas. What's wrong with cash? I know gift cards, phone cards and body powder are good. But if you can't think of something that I really need or want, what's wrong with cash? One size fits all.

Taking credit

THE ONE thing Howard Dean doesn't give Democrats credit for that they deserve is raising taxes. They think that is the way to help poor people. We like to spend the money we make, not let politicians spend it when they put so much into their pork-barrel projects that sometimes to most people make totally no sense at all.

Car in the median

THERE HAS been an abandoned car parked on the Interstate 55 median as you get off Nash Road for 10 days. Why haven't Scott City or the Missouri State Highway Patrol had that car towed?

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