Letter to the Editor

Preconceptions on both sides

Friday, December 17, 2004

To the editor:

Here are some bulletpoints to respond to David Limbaugh's "Morals' hypocrisy" column to give some examples of the conservative perspective:

Crime and punishment. Liberals are too soft-hearted toward criminals. Rehabilitation is much more work than just killing someone.

Gun control. Liberals are against the right to bear arms. Every American should be entitled to have an arsenal at his fingertips, because the more guns you have the safer you are.

Race. Liberals are hypocritical bigots. They pretend to care that there is a distinct difference between Iraq and Afghanistan. They don't see the need to homogenize the two.

Homosexuality. Liberals like gays and gays are bad. What goes on in the sanctity of one's home (let alone marriage) is definitely everyone else's business.

Taxes. Liberals are too forgiving to the needy. Let's give that tax money back to someone who needs it, like George Bush, or John Kerry, or Bill Gates.

Iraq. Liberals are anti-American because they don't believe we should be in Iraq killing people who didn't attack us until we set foot on their soil.

Environment. Liberals are tree huggers because they want their children to be able to breathe in 20 years, not get 13 mpg in an Escalade.

Abortion. Liberals are the killers of the unborn. Banning abortion would stop the act, much like Prohibition stopped alcohol, and abortions in a garage are safer than those in a clinic.

Pre-conceived notions are on both sides of the fence.

LUKE HUBBARD, Cape Girardeau