Letter to the Editor

Ferguson led college effort

Friday, December 17, 2004

To the editor:

With the passing of Darrell Ferguson, Southern Illinois lost one of its truly great and good people. I was pleased to call him friend and colleague. More than any other person, he was responsible for creation of the Shawnee Community College district. It was he who did all the massive, unpaid, behind-the-scenes work of creating numerous study groups leading to voter approval creating the college district.

Certainly the four other county school superintendents also supported creation of the college district. All worked hard. They were Howard Trampe, Grace Duff, George Otrich and Glen Jones. Other powerful citizen supporters of the district's creation were Ralph Taake Jr., Dr. C. G. Unrich, Louis Horman and Dr. A. L. Robinson. However, their unofficial leader was Darrell Ferguson.

Ferguson's dream was fulfilled. The magnificent Shawnee Community College existing today exceeded anything he actually expected. Much of the college's current success should be credited to the arrival of president Jack Hill, followed by president Terry Ludwig. All can be thankful for them.

LOREN E. KLAUS, Glen Carbon, Ill.