Letter to the Editor

Rehagen's column will be missed

Friday, December 17, 2004

To the editor:

The Southeast Missourian has lost one of its best columnists, Tony Rehagen. Every week I looked forward to his column "That's What They Tell Me." My family and friends were always amazed I knew what was going in there or where this had moved. They were beginning to think I was psychic. Nope, I just faithfully read Tony's column. Before Tony's column, I never really read the daily paper, just the Sunday funnies and wedding announcements. Now I read the paper every day. But with Tony's column gone, I will have nothing to look forward to except the occasionally amusing Speak Out comment. So to Tony I say bravo on a job well done. I will sadly miss you, and I hope other fans of your work will too. We wish you good luck in all you do. Even though you can't be replaced, I hope someone will continue your column or start one that is similar.