Alma Schrader Elementary celebrates completion of Peaceball

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Imagine a colorful ball of yarn weighing one pound and consisting of over 2000 pieces of yarn--that's what students at Alma Schrader elementary school call a "Peaceball". Teachers awarded pieces of yarn to students for their peacemaking activities. The individual pieces, representing over 2000 acts of good character and peacemaking, were gathered into the Peaceball symbolizing the school's role in community peace. The Peaceball project was completed in only 17 days. Alma Schrader participates in the Missouri Characterplus initiative that promotes character in students.

In the photo above, Peaceball coordinator Julia Unnerstall displays the Peaceball to enthusiastic students and visitors at a recent school assembly. Unnerstall, a counselor, has also been recognized by the American Legion for her efforts as an educator in teaching and promoting patriotism in our schools.

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