Speak Out 3/24/09

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Middle school

TO all those who want the Cape Girardeau Middle School closed and the grades switched to different schools: What about the staff? The nurses, the principals, the teachers, the counselors — where would they go? It's not like they can get a new job in this recession. And the middle school wouldn't be used for anything after the switch is made — more taxpayer dollars wasted. Stand up and do something.

Opinion exercise

I thoroughly enjoyed the well-written article about the cardiovascular benefits of Zumba dancing. However, I find I can get just as good a workout spending substantial portions of the day zooming back and forth to the telephone to call Speak Out.

Real work

I saw a story on ABC News about a man named Ken Karpman, a former hedge fund owner who used to make $750,000 a year. Now he is a pizza man making $7.29 an hour. Don't feel bad for him. For the first time in his life he is doing real work.

Payback time

ALERT citizens are getting an education on how government really works. When a spending bill is passed, it is loaded with earmarks that have nothing to do with the actual intent of the bill. The bill is studied, discussed and amended by Congress before it is put to a vote. But the earmarks are never debated or questioned by Congress before voting. These earmarks are added quietly by every member to pay back voters in their districts who voted them into Congress. Their aim is to look good back home so they will be re-elected. Sen. Christopher Bond and Rep. Jo Ann Emerson have the nerve to say their earmarks were necessary and not pork. Am I the only citizen who cares for the fiscal condition of the whole federal government more than the pork that is funneled back to our district?

Texting officer

IN reference to the proposed law banning texting while driving: At 9 p.m. Thursday I was stopped at the light northbound on Kingshighway at Lexington Avenue and saw a Cape Girardeau police officer who was texting.

Using good sense

"DO we need laws to replace common sense?" Of course we do. When is the last time you've seen someone use common sense in public?

Split on bonuses

THE down-the-middle split of GOP members of the U.S. House over whether or not to use the power of Congress to recoup the unconscionable bonuses of failed AIG executives is illustrative of the party's dilemma. Basically, it boils down to whether to follow the will of the people and get those undeserved bonuses back or follow the will of Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck and argue that Congress lacked the legal and moral authority to do anything about what had happened.

Inherited debt

A quote from the AP: "Obama's budget will produce $9.3 trillion worth of red ink over 2010-2019." I wonder who's going to inherit that? Probably a Republican who will get the blame. President Obama will be hailed for balancing the budget, just like President Clinton.

There would be tears

SOMEONE asked if I would cry if I made "only" $105,000 a year. Yes, I would. I would cry tears of joy.

Pessimistic world

EVERYBODY seems to be under the illusion that pessimism is bad and that optimism should be praised as a good thing. In reality it is the other way around. The optimist spends his life living in a fantasy land, while a pessimist lives in the real world and is at heart a realist. In order to survive, optimists should wake up and leave Wonderland and return to reality before their children starve to death.

Jackson speeders

SPEAKING of stoplights in Jackson: How about a stop sign at the corner of Francis Drive and Greensferry Road? Do you know how many speeding cars travel over that hill?

Donated dancing

RUTH Ann Orr does not make any money teaching the exercise class. Mrs. Orr donates the money to the Cape Girardeau Public Schools Foundation. Mrs. Orr is doing this because she truly wants others to receive the benefits from Zumba that she has.


IT'S always good for a laugh to read about bipartisanship among our elected officials. If one party sponsors a bill that the majority of the other party doesn't vote for, that's partisanship — and vice versa. Without partisanship, politicians run the risk of angering the officials of their parties. Without the support of their parties, they risk not being elected again. So is it really surprising (or newsworthy) to note that the majority of our politicians are going to vote along their own party lines?

Let them fail

THE government bailout and ongoing problems should never have happened. Companies will fail. They will go bankrupt or close their doors. That is business. Our government should not use our money to save companies that have gone bad. The bailout money only delays the inevitable. New companies will rise to take their place, and life will go on. Instead of trying to save companies, the government should be looking to fix the overall system, not the individual business.

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