Speak Out 12/16/04

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Because it's the law

THERE WOULD be no need for seat-belt and headlight laws if people would show some common sense. I know people who only buckle up or turn their headlights on in the rain is because it is the law. If it wasn't mandatory, they wouldn't do either.

Scooter dude

I HATE all these sensor traffic lights. They're pretty good for guaranteeing drivers get a turn, but what about scooter riders like me who aren't big and heavy enough to set off the sensor? What about our turn? I was stuck at a light 15 minutes before a car finally pulled up and made the light change. We scooter dudes always get a raw deal.

Too much classical

KRCU HAS entirely too much classical music. It runs classical music from 9 a.m. until "All Things Considered" comes on at 4 p.m., then again in the evening. When I get up in the morning, there is classical music until "Morning Edition" begins at 6 a.m. Thanks, but I don't want piano concertos in the afternoon. Yes, there are other programs in the evening, but that's not when I listen. How about some jazz? I might even consider becoming a sponsor, but not with the current format in which it is all classical during the work day.

Try being nice

IF YOU don't like the way you're treated in a store, maybe you should change your attitude. I am a cashier. I get plenty of rude customers: the prices aren't ringing up right, the item isn't marked properly, they don't want to give their phone number. It's not easy to be kind to customers when you have people constantly cussing at you. If you want better service, try being kind to people. We have feelings too. We just want a paycheck, not abuse.

Where's the mayor?

I THINK the man that painted the murals on the floodwall did a great job. The only thing I don't understand is why we don't have a picture of our mayor on the wall.

Second printing

I JUST picked up my "Heroes" book at the Southeast Missourian. It's a wonderful book. I've had several people look at it, and they all seem to think we need a second printing of everybody that was left out.

MBA for school chief

NOW THAT the school board is getting ready to hire a new superintendent, we don't need somebody with a doctorate in education. What we need is somebody with an MBA, somebody who understands business, somebody who knows how to get our supplies in the right places, to help the teachers and the students to do their very best for the least amount of money. That's what we need. We need an administrator who knows how to help everybody do their best.

More than security

SOCIAL SECURITY is more than security. It helps people. My grandfather paid all his life to Social Security. He had a disabled son. The son was covered under Social Security. That's what made it possible for this disabled son to survive. Social Security is many things to many people.

We elected them

PEOPLE IN Missouri did get to vote on the seat-belt laws, and they got to vote on turning your lights on when the windshield wipers on, because we elected the legislators who voted on those things. The best idea would be to pay attention what a legislator stands for and how he plans to vote.

Hiring a boss

SOMEONE SAID the teachers had been left out of the hiring process for a new superintendent. There's a good reason for that. It's not part of their job. Nowhere in a teacher's contract does it state that a teacher should have any part in hiring a superintendent. In no other field are employees allowed to hire their boss. Why should teachers be any different?

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