Letter to the Editor

Article dispels misinformation

Thursday, December 16, 2004

To the editor:

In response to "Gene flaw may link autism, vaccine additive": Thank you for this enlightening article. Our son was diagnosed with an autism disorder earlier this year. After extensive genetic and other testing, we confirmed that he has a genetic flaw that impedes his ability to produce glutathione and detoxify heavy metals. We also confirmed that he has abnormally high levels of heavy metals in his body, including mercury. With the help of a physician who already understood the principles announced by Dr. Jill James' new study, we embarked on a treatment involving nutritional supplements to improve my son's glutathione levels. The results have been absolutely remarkable. My son changed overnight. His teachers were dumbfounded, as were we.

It is frustrating to see the general medical community largely dismiss a treatment that involves simple nutritional supplements. Similar ignorance caused millions of Americans to be born with mental retardation over the course of 20 plus years because of the failure to embrace folic acid (a simple vitamin) as a preventative tool. Articles such as the one you published go a long way to help kids like my son by promoting needed research, dispelling misinformation and publicizing new and effective treatments. If your article causes just one parent, doctor or researcher to be a little more open-minded in a way that assists an autistic child, you have done your community and that child a tremendous service.

TIM MILLETT, Pittsburgh, Pa.