Letter to the Editor

Nurse was great comfort after loss

Thursday, December 16, 2004

To the editor:

In response to "Blankets to bring the dead to life": I too had a miscarriage and was on the OB floor at Southeast Missouri Hospital six years ago. I was cared for by a wonderful nurse named Cindy Rigdon. I will never forget the comfort we received from her. We were hurting and lost and full of "whys" and "ifs." She never left. If I remember correctly, she even stayed with me after her shift was over for a little while. I think this might be the Cindy mentioned in the article. If it is, I would like her to know how much her care and concern and messages of comfort meant to me during that time. She is truly a blessing to all she cares for. Her mother should be very proud.

LESLIE KRIETE, Columbia, Mo.