Speak Out 3/21/09

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Give him four years

PEOPLE who are judging President Obama already should give him a chance. Wait until four years are up before you make any judgment. The man should have a chance to straighten this mess up.

City workers

THERE are two Cape Girardeau city workers who will be retiring from the sanitation crews. One had in 35 years. The other had in about 30 years. You can't replace guys like this. There probably will never be two workers like these two. We greatly appreciate the time they put in for the city. They'll be missed.

Sound familiar?

IN November John McCain said we weren't as bad off as people think we are. The news media tried to hang him. Now guess who's saying the same thing? Barack Obama. Four months later, we're in worse shape than we were, and he's saying we're not as bad off as we think we are.

Personal bailouts

IT seems like all the banks and insurance companies the government bailed out took the money and used it in whatever way they wanted to instead of the way they were supposed to. We can see that we can't trust the big companies. My suggestion: Instead of giving the money to companies that misuse the funds, give the money to the working people who need it desperately and to the people who are out of work. I guarantee you they won't mismanage the funds. They'll put food on the table and pay bills.

Bank examiners

WHATEVER happened to bank examiners and measures to keep people from going into debt way over what they were worth?

Great coach

MY daughter has played two years of organized basketball for Coach Shannon Aldridge. What he's doing with these girls is fantastic. My daughter has learned more about life, religion and basketball in two years of playing for Coach Aldridge than three years of playing for anyone else in the league. Coach Aldridge, you're doing a great job.

Plenty of warning

THE tornado siren test on March 10 was announced in the paper and on TV in advance. If someone has ideas that can better the community, call Speak Out. If you don't, don't make the call. It's that simple.

Screaming mother

I was in a grocery store and witnessed a mother screaming at her children. I wonder: If she treats them like that in public, how does she treat those poor children behind closed doors? Parents, if you have problems, don't take them out on your children. Seek help.

Voided contract

THE argument by AIG officials that they were contract bound to pay bonuses is wrong. AIG was broke. The money it gave as bonuses was the taxpayers' money. The contract should have been null and void.

Thanks, bus drivers

I would like to thank the bus drivers who have nerves of steel. I'm grateful to bus drivers for taking on that responsibility, especially those who do it in an honorable way. Thank you, bus drivers.

Wages and rent

IT may be that the wages determined by the market are not enough for workers at the bottom to afford housing. The houses in the inner city have deteriorated to the point they are uninhabitable. Still these workers need housing. But if the wages they earn are not enough to rent a new apartment in a new housing complex, how can they work if they cannot earn enough to afford a new apartment? Where are they going to live?

Fishing tip

IT may be a good idea for fishermen to wait until the corn is knee-high before they start keeping fish caught this spring. When the corn is knee-high, the fry will be developed enough to survive enough on their own and you can start taking fish.

Ludicrous charges

I too am a member of Hailey Dacus' family. To think any member of any family, much less a member of our family, thinks charges should be filed against Victoria is ludicrous. Mitchell and Victoria are two of the most loving, caring parents I have the honor of knowing. Hailey was a wonderful example of what great parenting can produce. Victoria is in no way to blame for the accident. She will never be able to forgive herself for what happened. Why in God's name would anyone think charging her would do the world any good? Most all of Mitchell and Victoria's family stand behind them and pray Prosecuting Attorney Morley Swingle changes his mind. Let Hailey rest in peace.

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