Speak Out 12/15/04

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Shots for those at risk

WANT A flu shot? Head to Chicago. Health officials there are making it very easy for those who need the shots to get them. What is anybody doing here in Cape Girardeau County? Do those who should know even have an inkling of how many county residents would be considered at risk? Has anybody even tried to find out? Does anyone really care?

Freedoms lost

I JUST read about some veterans from Desert Storm and Vietnam who fought for this country and for the rights and freedoms we possess only to have the fact that they served and were therefore capable of violence used against them in a family court. They fight for their country and freedoms, then come back to have their rights taken away in family court. One of them said that if he had known that fighting for his country would result in his family being taken away from him by the family court, he does not think he would have signed up and fought. Where are we headed as a country? Who is watching these crazy judges?

Conflict issues

IT IS time that the Missouri State School Board Association send representatives to our city to investigate and question many of the recent actions of the Cape Girardeau School Board. There are instances of nepotism and gross conflict-of-interest issues. The current board does not appear to realize it was not elected to enact its own agenda. The board's mission should be all about the children. Sadly, that has fallen by the wayside.

Nothing downtown

I DON'T care if they make Main Street a six-way street. There is simply nothing downtown for me. My family has no interest in sports bars and antique shops. Besides, all the shops close up before I get off from work. During the warm months if all the businesses were to stay open like the stores on the west end of town, it might work.

Bow out now

I AM not a lawyer, just an underpaid and often unappreciated teacher in the Cape Girardeau School District. But I feel quite confident in saying that Charles Haubold has a definite conflict of interest with his involvement in the process of hiring a new superintendent. He should respectfully bow out of the process now.

Help during fire

THERE ARE so many wonderful people living in Scott City. On Friday there was a house fire. So many people stopped to offer their help. The city workers were running around the house trying to find out if anyone was still in there. A passer-by even stopped to get a dog out of the house. All who responded and offered their help are heroes and deserve a big pat on the back. You all are great.

Do it yourself

INSTEAD OF whining that your government-run school doesn't have sports leagues for your children, try getting them involved in the Cape Area Youth Soccer Association, local church-league basketball, Little League baseball, indoor soccer, Scouting, 4-H, Explorers or volunteering. Many such avenues already exist. So instead of asking government to take care of your children, try doing it yourself. I do, and I find it quite rewarding.

Let courts decide

IN RESPONSE to the comment regarding being "tougher on criminals": Man's inhumanity to man never ceases to amaze me. Surely this caller must realize that if an inmate is in prison, he is separated from the rest of us. He has also had his greatest privilege taken away from him: his freedom. Why not let the courts hand down the punishment and the rest of us be thankful that it is not us or one of our loved ones in prison. Put away your tar and feathers.

The cold snap

Watch what you pray for. We could get even colder.

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