FanSpeak 12/12/04

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Boo for booing

THE FAN who believes booing is perfectly justifiable at sporting events, especially high school, is one example of what is wrong with the state of fan behavior as a whole. The MSHSAA guidelines repeatedly stress sportsmanship, and to think booing falls within the confines of proper conduct is laughable. I will never understand why fans cannot be content to cheer their team in a positive manner, without resorting to cheering negatively against the opponent. Those who feel there is no connection or possible evolution toward much of the present-day behavior at college and professional games are, to say the least, naive.

Winans a good role model

THIS IS a response to a recent FanSpeak. People should look at the meaning of an article before criticizing an obviously outstanding role model like Derek Winans. I believe it is refreshing to know that there are people who believe a good education and prayer are something to pass on to our youth. As a Southeast basketball fan, I take offense on behalf of all the players that work hard to impress the importance of that. By the way, Derek has carried a 4.0 all five years. Furthermore, any powerhouse team or the NBA might just like to have a starry-eyed hero to worship. I think my children will be better off with more Dereks in the world. I close with "Anything is achieved through faith. The impossible is possible with God."

The buck stops there

MY COMMENTS are about the Southeast men's basketball program. Coach Gary Garner needs to be held accountable for the status of our basketball program. He received pay raises and contract extensions after threats of leaving for the Chicago Bulls and Colorado State. For the past three years, our program has fallen to the bottom of the OVC. Now it's time for a change.

More on booing

I CAN'T believe someone called in complaining about the school principals not letting their students boo at a basketball game. Remember, these are kids on the floor who are playing because they love the sport and want to represent their school. It's a shame that adults can't set a better example.

Congrats to the Indians

CONGRATULATIONS TO the Jackson boys for winning the Farmington Tournament and to the Jackson girls for winning both the West Plains Classic and the Farmington title. Go Indians. Hope you keep up the good work this year.

We stand corrected

RYAN MIRLY had 12 points, not 10. I just wanted to let you know. No big deal.

(The Southeast Missourian regrets the error in the XXXx edition.)

It's a dream job

I KNOW who has one of the easiest jobs in the area, and that's the sportswriters for the Southeast Missourian. They go to some great sporting events -- expenses paid -- and then they sit around the newsroom in the evening and wait for coaches to call in the scores so they can print them and act like they've done their job. They don't do any kind of real reporting. They don't do any journalism of any kind because they don't want to. It just doesn't change, no matter how many people call and no matter how many times there's a problem in this area in athletics. They just merely report what someone calls in and tells them or they may go to one meeting and that's about it. They never dig, they never talk to the kids, they never talk to parents, they don't do a whole lot. Pretty easy job. Gosh, it's a shame they don't do a better job at such an easy job.

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