Speak Out 12/12/04

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Not watching

CONSIDERING HOW people drive in Cape Girardeau, they need a green arrow to tell them where to turn. Most of the accidents are because people don't watch where they're going. For those of you who drive around the college, please be mindful of the crosswalks. Students don't like almost being run over.

Close Main Street

PRESERVING DOWNTOWN would be a lot easier if the city closed Main Street from Broadway to Independence Street. Restaurants and bars could host their customers outside -- European style. This is the best solution for bringing everyone together.

Similar accident

A YEAR ago I was in an car accident exactly like the one Sam DeReign wrote about. He said the officer didn't issue him a ticket. I was issued a ticket for following too closely and had to pay a fine. I asked the officer if it was necessary, and he replied that it was the law and he had no choice. So Sam better thank God that his driving record wasn't ruined like mine was for three years.

Scheduling patients

I WORK for a large family-practice medical group. We set up our schedules so that there are empty spaces throughout the day. These empty appointments are for patients that walk in or are so sick they cannot wait another day for an appointment. We do not overbook. What usually happens to make a doctor run behind is a patient who makes the appointment for sinus congestion and when the doctor walks in the room three or four other separate complaints come up. What should the doctor do? Many serious problems are found when doctors listen to patients talk.

Thanks for wallet

TO THE person who turned in my wallet at Sam's: I want to thank you so very much. I was so worried it got into the wrong hands, especially this time of year. My prayer is that you and your family are blessed as I was blessed to get my wallet back intact. From every corner and every high and low area of my heart, I thank you. Merry Christmas and many blessings to you and your family.

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